Pet Grooming Glove



Love your pets but not the uncontrollable shedding? The Pet Grooming Glove can help you with that.

The Pet Grooming Glove helps you get your pet rid of loose fur that can otherwise cling to furniture or your clothes. However, thanks to its 180 soft grooming tips, the Pet Grooming Glove also allows you to give your pets massaging caresses while you groom them. The Pet Grooming Glove lifts away debris, dirt and loose fur painlessly and quickly.

Perfect for use after baths or walks outside. 

  • Made with soft but durable silicone and mesh
  • Works on cats, dogs and other furry pets
  • Perfect for use after baths or taking walks outside
  • Gives your pets a relaxing massage while grooming
  • Available for use on the left or right hand

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